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If you are facing weapons charges in Los Angeles, CA, the stakes are high, and obtaining strong legal representation is key. The potential consequences are life-changing and should be taken seriously. Fortunately, we are here to help. 

The Law Office of Ryan Peabody has over 12 years of experience helping people accused of various criminal offenses. We’ll protect your rights and fight for a fair outcome in your legal matter.

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How the Law Office of Ryan Peabody Can Help If You’re Arrested For Weapons Charges in Los Angeles, CA

How the Law Office of Ryan Peabody Can Help If You’re Arrested For Weapons Charges in Los Angeles, CA

Our office offers a wide range of services to help you navigate your legal situation if you’ve been arrested in Los Angeles, California. Here are specific steps we can take:

Investigating Your Case

By using our experience and resources, we can thoroughly review all aspects of your case. We will dig into every detail, analyze the evidence presented by the prosecution, and look for inconsistencies or mistakes that could prove beneficial for your defense.

Hiring Experts

If necessary, we can hire experienced professionals such as forensic and ballistic experts to take a closer look at your case. These specialized experts can provide critical insights into complex aspects of your case and even offer testimony during trial if required.

Negotiating a Reduction in Charges or Dismissal

We’ll use our skills in negotiation and knowledge of the law to advocate for you, aiming to have your charges reduced or even dismissed when possible. 

Keeping You Informed

Throughout the legal process, we will ensure that you are kept up-to-date about your case’s progress and understand all of your available options.

Upholding Your Rights

Above all else is our commitment to ensuring that your constitutional rights are protected every step of the way throughout the criminal proceedings.

If you’ve been arrested on weapons charges in Los Angeles, California, we will work tirelessly to defend you. Contact the Law Office of Ryan Peabody to schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer

Overview of Weapons Charges in California 

Weapons charges in California encompass various activities related to the possession, sale, and manufacture of dangerous weapons. Some of the most common charges include:

Manufacturing, Selling, or Possessing Dangerous Weapons

California law prohibits the possession of certain inherently dangerous weapons, which include items like cane guns, ballistic knives, and metal knuckles. Buying, selling, or importing these types of weapons into the state is illegal.

Illegal Firearm Laws

In general, under California laws, a person must be over 21 (or 18 with a valid hunting license) to purchase and possess firearms.

However, in certain circumstances, individuals are prohibited from possessing and purchasing firearms, such as those with a felony conviction or serious mental illness.

Unlawful gun possession can lead to various charges, including: 

For example, carrying a concealed weapon without the necessary permit or if you’re not eligible due to prior convictions can lead to criminal charges.

Additionally, it’s illegal to carry a loaded firearm within certain sensitive areas like schools or government buildings under California law. Violating these restrictions can lead to serious penalties.

Brandishing a Weapon

In California, it’s unlawful for an individual to brandish or display a deadly weapon in a rude, angry, or threatening manner. Using any kind of weapon to intimidate someone else can result in criminal charges if you were not acting in self-defense or defending another person.

Gross Negligent Discharge 

Gross negligent discharge refers to a situation where a person wilfully discharges a firearm in such a reckless manner that it might result in the injury or death of another person. This is considered extremely irresponsible behavior and is deemed a serious criminal offense under California law. 

Those charged with any weapons offenses should consult an experienced Los Angeles weapons charges attorney promptly. 

What Are the Penalties For Weapons Charges in Los Angeles, California?

Penalties for weapons charges in California can be substantial and vary greatly based on the nature of the offense.

Misdemeanor Offenses

If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor weapons charge, penalties may include up to one year in jail and significant fines.

Felony Charges Involving Weapons

In contrast, punishments tied to felonies involving weapons are more severe. For some offenses, like armed robbery or murder committed with a firearm, punishments could lead to life imprisonment without parole. 

Sentence Enhancements

Certain situations allow for enhanced penalties when deadly weapons or firearms are involved. For instance:

Assault With a Deadly Weapon (PC 245(a)): This charge carries harsher sentences than other assault charges because it involves the usage of dangerous weapons.

Use of Firearm Enhancement (PC 12022): If you possess or use a gun during the commission of another felony crime such as robbery or kidnapping, an additional 10, 20, or 25 years can be added onto your prison sentence if you used the gun, fired the gun, or seriously injured or killed someone with the gun, respectively.

Collateral Consequences

In addition to the legal sanctions—like incarceration, fines, and probation—the collateral consequences of a weapons charge conviction can have long-lasting impacts on an individual’s life. Here are several potential effects:

Difficulty with Housing

A weapons charge conviction might negatively affect your ability to secure housing. Most landlords conduct criminal background checks, and a record may cause them to decline your application.

Difficulty with Certain Jobs

Jobs in fields like education, healthcare, law enforcement, or those that require professional licenses may be off-limits to those convicted of a weapons offense. 

Financial Penalties

Beyond the initial fines related to the conviction, other financial penalties can arise long-term, from potential loss of employment to costs associated with fulfilling probation requirements or other court orders.

Personal Difficulties

On a more personal level, stress from the legal proceedings can strain relationships. A conviction might also involve losing certain civil rights, such as the right to vote during incarceration for felony charges, or may impact custodial rights in family court cases. 

Given these serious implications of conviction beyond just the immediate penalties, it’s essential that anyone facing weapons charges engage a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Defenses Can Be Raised If I’m Arrested For Weapons Charges in Los Angeles, CA? 

If you’re arrested on weapons charges, there are multiple potential defenses that may be applicable:

Failure of the Prosecution to Meet its Burden of Proof

Arguing that the prosecution has not met its burden of proof essentially means challenging the adequacy and reliability of the evidence they presented. This can be done by arguing that certain elements required for a conviction are not sufficiently backed up by evidence. 

Cross-examination techniques could also bring into question a critical witness’ credibility or memory, weakening the overall strength of the prosecution’s case.

Finally, your lawyer may also introduce your own witnesses or other forms of exculpatory evidence, countering claims made by prosecutors.

Violation of Constitutional Rights 

Your rights under the U.S. Constitution should not be violated during any part of the arrest, investigation, or trial process. Police misconduct, such as performing an unlawful search and seizure, can sometimes result in evidence being suppressed, which can weaken the prosecution’s case against you. 

No Possession

There may be situations where illegal weapons (or drugs) are found but weren’t actually possessed by you — for instance, if a gun was found in communal areas like shared housing spaces where many people have access. In that case, you can argue that there was no actual or constructive possession. 

Remember, if you’re facing weapons charges, it’s essential to consult an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case thoroughly and help build a strong defense strategy.

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