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Have you been arrested for theft crimes in Whitefish, MT? If so, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you against the charges. Depending on the facts of your case and the charges against you, you could face significant jail time and other life-changing criminal penalties. 

Peabody Law PLLC represents clients facing theft crimes and other criminal charges. Attorney Ryan Peabody has more than a decade of experience practicing criminal law. Before beginning his law practice, he served as a public defender, which means he has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system.

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How Peabody Law PLLC Can Help You if You’ve Been Arrested for Theft Crimes in Montana

How the Law Office of Ryan Peabody Can Help You if You’ve Been Arrested for Theft Crimes in Kalispell

If you are accused of a theft crime in Whitefish, you need an experienced attorney at your side. Even a misdemeanor conviction for theft could result in jail time. Instead, you want the best criminal defense lawyer to protect your legal rights and defend you in court.

Our Whitefish crimes theft lawyer at Peabody Law PLLC can help. Throughout his legal career, he has fiercely advocated for his clients during plea negotiations, hearings, and trials. 

When you hire Peabody Law PLLC, you can trust we will give your case the attention and dedication required to achieve the best possible outcome. We help you fight theft charges by:

  • Analyze your case and offer advice regarding your legal options 
  • Explain the potential consequences of a plea deal versus going to trial
  • Investigate the theft charges to gather evidence to use in your defense
  • Obtain copies of the evidence the prosecutor intends to present in court to determine the strength of the case against you
  • Explore various defense strategies that could result in dismissal or a not guilty verdict
  • Aggressively negotiate a satisfactory plea agreement if going to court is not the best option in your case
  • Or present the best defense possible at a jury trial (The choice to take a deal or go to trial is 100% your decision)

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. It helps to have a seasoned Montana criminal defense lawyer on your side. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced theft crimes lawyer in Whitefish, Montana or surrounding counties. 

Are There Defenses to Montana Theft Crimes?

We develop a defense strategy when we evaluate and investigate the criminal charges against you. The strategy might include one or more defenses to theft crimes, such as:

  • Lack of intent to commit the offense or theft
  • You had the right or believed you had the right to possess the property
  • False accusations of theft
  • You did not intend to permanently deprive the owner of their property
  • You had the owner’s permission to take the property 
  • Your constitutional rights were violated
  • The prosecution has failed to prove every element of your charges beyond a reasonable doubt

There may be procedural issues and defenses applicable to your case as well. Our legal team explores all possible defenses to develop a robust defense strategy.

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At Peabody Law PLLC, we are with you during every step of the criminal justice process. We provide trusted legal counsel, support, and guidance. You do not need to face this situation alone.

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