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If you are facing criminal charges, don’t compromise.  You need someone with the wealth of experience and boundless energy of Ryan Peabody

With over a decade of experience as a public defender prior to starting his own practice. Ryan Peabody has the knowledge and skill to represent you no matter the charges and allegations the government levels at you in Northwest Montana. 

Mr. Peabody has excelled at trying jury trials ranging from Murder, sex crimes, Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Extortion, to DUI (felonies and misdemeanors; drugs and/or alcohol), domestic violence, drug offenses, and many others in Flathead County and other local counties.

Mr. Peabody has had great and consistent success defending cases at trial, having earned numerous Not Guilty verdicts for his clients in the past year alone. 

Also in the past year, he negotiated a plea agreement whereby his client charged with first-degree murder was able to plead to a lesser offense admit a prior strike conviction, and receive a determinate sentence of eight years.

Mr. Peabody has also obtained many dismissals in cases through motions to suppress evidence. These ranged from cases where the police took the blood of his client without a warrant and without an exception to the warrant requirement, to cases where police did not have the necessary reasonable suspicion to effectuate a traffic stop, to cases where police entered a home without a warrant, to cases where police arrested his client without probable cause.

He has had multiple motions to suppress that were denied by the trial judge and reversed by the appellate division of the superior court, resulting in all charges being dismissed. 

He also defeated prosecution appeals of motions to suppress that were granted in favor of his client, also resulting in all charges being dismissed.

In City of Kalispell v. Salsgiver, (Mont. 2019) 443 P.3d 504, Mr. Peabody brought about systemic change in the state of Montana when he went to the Montana Supreme Court to successfully challenge the unconstitutional practice.

That was pervasive throughout the state of stripping misdemeanor defendants of their Sixth Amendment right to trial by jury if they missed a court date.  He did this after having lost in the trial court and then with the intermediate appellate court. 

The appellate division of the Montana Public Defender’s Office refused to argue the practice was unconstitutional believing it would be unsuccessful, so Mr. Peabody handled the appeal to the Supreme Court himself and prevailed with a 5 to 2 majority. 

In that same opinion, the Montana Supreme Court also reversed one of its prior decisions to the advantage of his client.

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